Hawaii Easier General Excise Tax Form

HONOLULU- The State Department of Taxation announced that starting January 5,
2009, taxpayers will find it easier to complete the General Excise (GE) periodic tax return
Form G-45 electronically or to use the web-fillable version of this form. Both new versions
will perform math calculations for the taxpayer. Taxpayers only need to fill in the
necessary information and the program will automatically perform the calculations. This
new feature eliminates more than 90 percent of the errors made by taxpayers, is simple,
and is free.

To file the Form G-45 electronically, go to www.hawaii.gov/tax and click on
“E-Services.” Unless already registered, users will need to register by clicking on
“Register to E-file”. Some additional benefits gained from filing electronically
include: the G-45 is filed immediately; immediate confirmation that the tax return
was filed; the ability to view filing history; calculation of late penalty and interest
for late filings; 24/7 tax return filing, with live assistance from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15
p.m. Monday thru Friday (excluding State holidays); and the site is secure.
o Taxpayers may also pay their GE taxes using an electronic check at no
cost. Taxpayers using a credit/debit card will be assessed a credit/debit
card processing fee.

To complete the web-fillable Form G-45, go to www.hawaii.gov/tax and click on
“Forms.” Next click on “Alphabetical List.” Next click on “G.” Scroll down to the
Form G-45 entry and click on “General Excise / Use Tax Return (Rev. 2008 –
Calculated).” For instructions on how to use this fillable form, click on the green
“Help” button in the upper right corner of the form. After printing, mail the
completed forms to the State Department of Taxation, P. O. Box 1425, Honolulu,
HI 96806-1425.

Reminder: taxpayers will no longer receive their GE tax booklets in the mail
automatically as in previous years and are encouraged to use the Tax Department’s online
services. However, for those taxpayers who do not have computers or prefer not to
use on-line services, GE tax booklets may still be ordered by calling 808-587-4242 or
toll free at 1-800-222-3229.


For more information contact:
Sandi Yahiro
Deputy Director of Taxation
Phone: (808) 587-1540